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CARE is a standard platform for intensive evaluation and training of software's behavior miners, which extract behavior models from execution traces (dynamic reverse-engineering).

The goals of CARE (a platform for Comparison and Analysis of dynamic Reverse-Engineering techniques) are essentially:

  • Provide a benchmark mechanism for dynamic reverse engineering;
  • Allow analysis of miners w.r.t. to a class of programs and/or behaviors;
  • Help users in choosing the most accurate approach w.r.t. their objective.

The platform is approach-independent: the only need for the miner to be tested is to accept a set of traces as input and produce a Finite State Automaton (FSA) that models the behavior of the considered system. It includes an artificial generation tool for benchmark purposes, which is designed for modeling different classes of programs (groups of programs sharing similar properties) and behavioral aspects.

The platform allows at least to:


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